im/possible films

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Mark Lewis works at the boundaries of the white cube and the black box, exploring the limits and the potentialities of cinema. He investigates, for example, standardized film conventions such as credits, end sequences and scenes between actions, as well as elementary film devices, including camera movements, zooms or pans. Starting with a deconstructionist perspective, Mark Lewis had developed his own formal language, reminiscent of early cinema in a post-conceptual age.
This volume includes a portfolio by Mark Lewis, an interview with the artist, and a series of essays which draw on tools forged in the fields of art history, philosophy and film studies. The publication gives access, on the internet, to a selection of films of Mark Lewis, representative of his wide-ranging formal and conceptual approach, from his first, « impossible », films to his later, « possible » works.

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Des images sélectionnées par Mark Lewis

Im/Possible Films
François Bovier & Hamid Taieb | 7
An Aesthetics of Inhabitability
Christine Ross | 11
Turning Movements: Fragments on Mark Lewis
Elie During | 33
Pace and Frame. Playing and Hunting with Mark Lewis
Sylvain Portmann | 51
Not Yet and No More
Mark Lewis | 61
« Camera as a Sentient Being »
Interview with Mark Lewis, by François Bovier & Hamid Taieb | 103
Credits | 125
Two Impossible Films | 28’26
Smithfield | 4’12
Algonquin Park, Early March | 4’06
Children’s Games, Heygate Estate | 7’27
Lawson Estate | 4’18
Churchyard Row | 3’51
Queensway: Pan and Zoom | 3’07
Isosceles | 3’20
5262 Washington Boulevard | 1’45
Hendon F.C. | 5’48
Cold Morning | 7’35
Wilesden Laundrette; Reverse Dolly, Pan Right, Friday Prayers | 4’40
The Moving Image | 1’17
Little Tree | 4’48
Beirut | 8’11
Windy Day | 1’58